Nicolaus Myers

​Art for the Unwashed. 

 Quotes about Nicolaus Myers Work:

River Queens Gallery  owner, New Hope , PA “ Look(ing) at your work it appears to me that you are painting based on what you think you know, rather than what you actually know, your proportions are not correct, the following are some books I recommend you purchase, if you would like to be an “actual”  painter."

Tom W. , Boston Mills Art show, Akron Ohio “ are you sure that you only work in mental health, because your paintings make me feel like you really need help”.

Mary, Visual Arts Center of New Jersey.  “I don’t even feel comfortable commenting on your “work” “.

Art 3 gallery.  “We are not interested in showing whatever it is you are doing there”.

Tony Alison, artist “Your work looks like it’s ready to fall apart at any moment”.